15% off Card ‘Canvas’ Prints!

8 04 2014


Our Card ‘Canvas’ Prints offer several unique advantages over Canvas prints of a similar size. Firstly, they are lightweight which makes hanging them safe and easy. They also maintain their rigidity over time – there is no risk of the canvas stretching since they are not made of canvas.

Best of all, they are exceptionally cost effective, costing much less than a similar sized Canvas Print.

Card ‘Canvas’ Prints look fantastic in offices and homes alike. They can brighten up a dull corridor or bring fresh life to any room and, at the price we are offering them for, you can afford to change them as often as you like. They are available in two sizes, 850mm x 620mm and 1240mm x 850mm.

For the next two weeks we are giving you the opportunity to see for yourself why our Card Canvas Prints are causing such a stir and to save even more money at the same time with an extra 15% off our already great prices.

Card ‘Canvas’ Prints can be made from any good resolution image. Just send us your photo and let us do the rest. Or you may prefer to choose a library photo. If you go to http://www.shutterstock.com there are thousands to choose from on every subject imaginable. Simply tell us which image you would like (they are all numbered) in special instructions when you order and let us do the rest.

For more information or to place an order call us on 0114 221 0217 or email Sarah at sarah@newstartdesign.co.uk.




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