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We supply a lot of print. This won’t come as a surprise to many of our clients, but it does mean that we can offer an excellent printing service for any materials you may need to produce. Because of the volume of print we use we are able to negotiate substantial discounts with our suppliers, which we can pass on to you, enabling you and your organisation to use the print budget you have more effectively.

We can print leaflets, flyers, booklets, exhibition banners and all sorts of other material and are happy to quote for print only or print and design. We’ve already printed material for numerous private and public sector organisations including Sheffield Window Centre, South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue, Unity Trust Bank, Jon Baines Tours, Homeless Link, Action for Market Towns, CLES, DBA Management Group and many more.

Our main print supplier has been awarded the ISO 14001 environment management systems award, is powered predominantly by green electricity, and is actively working with the Carbon Trust to implement energy saving solutions to reduce its carbon footprint.

All the ink we use is based on clean vegetable oil and supplied in eco friendly packaging. All paper is processed using Elemental Chlorine Free technology to avoid the production of damaging toxins. Our paper is sourced from European Union FSC grade forests where more trees are planted for the future than are felled each year.

The demanding standards of the FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) mean that every sheet of paper can be traced back to its source. FSC is seen as the ‘gold standard’ of responsible husbandry of forests. On request, we can now also put the FSC logo on your finished printing, as a badge of honour that you care about how your printing is produced.

Of course, we could buy cheaper paper! Using paper produced from trees felled from Virgin Rain Forests and processed without regard to poisoning rivers and high rates of mortality amongst indigenous people would save money. Some of our competitors use it without compunction! But at New Start Design we set higher standards and we know our customers do too!

New Start Design’s environmental policy also includes numerous measures designed to reduce our carbon footprint. The policy and our performance against it is reviewed on a regular basis.

As well as our  environmental policy, New Start Design also endeavours to be as socially aware as possible. We trade with local suppliers based in the area of Sheffield and South Yorkshire wherever possible in order to help boost our local economy.

Very occasionally we are asked to undertake printing which we do not feel ‘comfortable’ about producing. Therefore we will not print anything relating to Weapons (Real or Replica), anything promoting or condoning the use of Drugs or Tobacco, anything which encourages binge drinking (Happy Hour offers etc), anything containing extreme religious or political views or anything that encourages intolerance or violence of any kind. Please be aware that all invitations to produce such printing will be declined.

New Start Design works closely with a range of charities helping to support them with design and print donations wherever possible. We also donate a percentage of our turnover to one local charity every month. This policy is reviewed and a new charity chosen on a yearly basis. Charities we have supported in the past include Just Change, Northern Refugee Centre, Beacon Life and Learning Centre, Thornberry Animal Sanctuary, Bluebell Wood and the Alexander Strong Foundation.

FSC Forest

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